On January 12, the US Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) released its "Photovoltaic Module Index Report" (PVMI) of 2020, in which LONGi won the "High Achievers Award" for the second year in a row, "for the outstanding performance of its global photovoltaic modules".

The PVMI provides a high-level overview of the relevant tests performed by PRTR within three indicators: reliability, performance, and quality.

To characterize reliability, the report presents performance distribution data based on a number of tests, including DH2000, HF30, TC600, DML, UV, and PID196h.

For the performance category, it presents data characterizing the module's conversion efficiency, PVUSA test condition ratings (PTC) *, Pvsyst simulation (PAN file), and LID.

Lastly, in the quality indicators, the results of the Thresher Test qualification protocols are listed, exceeding the minimum requirements.

LONGi's performance in all three indicators, identifying it as one of the three award-winning companies. However, at the individual level, it became the only module manufacturer to perform well in all 8 individual tests.