The emergence of Covid-19 has put the organization of events worldwide to the test, especially for those companies that cover different markets, with a changing situation in the evolution of the pandemic

For this reason, at Energyear we have been working for a long time in a “New Normality” scenario that allows the correct performance of our activities with all the guarantees for our clients.

Energyear establishes a reinforced security protocol for all its 2021 Tour events, maximizing the security of all its participants with measures planned to adapt to the regulations of all countries. Below, we detail those measures:

Security Protocol:

1. Temperature Control: A temperature taking point is established for all participants in the activity. This point is located in an isolated reception area and prior to registration and the event rooms.

2. Capacity: At all events Energyear will establish a capacity of 1/3 of the capacity of the facilities where the event takes place. Right now, countries establish a capacity limit between 50% and 75% of the total capacity. Energyear will work with 33%. For this we will look for larger spaces.

3. Spacing between chairs in the conference room: Established separation radius of 1.5 meters between chairs.

4. Meeting Rooms: All meeting rooms will have a cleaning team that will be in charge of disinfecting the entire room between each meeting.

5. Mandatory use of a Mask: All participants will receive a hygienic pack at the entrance of the event, consisting of a mask and individual container of hydroalcoholic gel. It will be mandatory to use the supplied mask to guarantee its perfect filtering conditions.

6. Oversized Networking Zone: Networking Zones with 33% capacity, with signage for the movement of people and with designated areas for groups of 4 people.

7. Buffet: Buffet and coffee break served. Only the hotel staff will have access to the Buffet products, which will be served individually to each person.

8. Separation in buffet: Tables of maximum 6 people with 1.5 meters of separation between diners and other tables in the room.

9. Differentiated Entry and Exit Zones: The entrance and exit to the event will be separate and signposted, likewise the conference and lunch rooms will also have differentiated and separate entry and exit with the corresponding signs.

To guarantee compliance with our protocols, the Energyear team will work closely with its suppliers, making a detailed study of the choice of the venue for the events in order to guarantee teamwork aligned to comply with the designed protocol. Explanatory video Energyear Mediterránea 2020: