Energyear is working on the development of the 2021 Tour, full of news and the arrival in two new markets in face-to-face format. Brazil and Italy.

As a main new feature, all the events held in 2021 will have a “hybrid” format (Face-to-face - Online) so that those interested can choose their participation formula based on their needs.

For this, Energyear has worked on a platform that allows the management of meetings both in person and remotely through video calls, with a clear commitment to streamline Networking and make it completely accessible and efficient for all participants.

Likewise, all the content of the events will be broadcast in Streaming, with exclusive and limited access to the participants of the event.

Through this format, Energyear seeks to adapt to the needs of its clients, in the face of the situation caused by Covid-19 which has caused limitations in company representatives when traveling.

The 2021 tour will consist of the following events:

Energyear Conosur (Chile)

Energyear Andina (Colombia)

Energyear CA & Caribe (Dominican Republic)

Energyear Mexico (Mexico)

Energyear Brasil (Brazil)

Energyear Mediterránea (Spain)

Energyear Italia (Italy)

All events will have the most detailed Covid Free protocols in order to guarantee the safety of all participants. "At Energyear we have been working for months improving the protocols for our congresses, looking for spaces that allow us to implement everything planned to 100%"

Since 10/20 the tour is open for contracting. To receive information about the events and participation formulas:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.