info 30x30  We are a company specialized in the construction, promotion and operation of photovoltaic plants and their connection to the grid, of great international projection and operating on five continents. With more than 15 years of experience and 104 operating plants around the world, our services and solutions guarantee the viability of any installation. We have 2 GW of installed power, with projects as relevant as one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world, built in the Middle East region. In parallel, at GRS we are working on the development of 1.5 GW in projects spread over several countries. We have a network of projects that has been consolidated in markets such as Spain, Italy, Mexico, Australia or South Africa, where we have photovoltaic plants in operation, and which is opening up to other promising ones such as Chile. Our business strategy, which consists of developing, building and operating large-scale projects, adapting to needs, has allowed us to achieve an optimal level of excellence to continue growing as one of the leading EPCists at an international level.

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