Registration, Coffee and Reception Greet

08:45 a.m – 09:00 a.m
Energyear Mediterranean Welcome Speech
09:00 a.m – 09:50 a.m

The Renewable Sector in Spain a focus for the massive inflow of capital. Bubble or Reality?.

Moderator: Raquel Igualá – Business Development Director - Energyear
· Juan Virgilio Márquez, General Manager, AEE
· José María González, Managing Director, APPA Renovables
· Carlos Ballesteros, General Director, ANESE
· Luis Marquina, President, AEPIBAL
· Alejandro Labanda, Regulatory Affairs Director, UNEF
09:50 a.m – 10:50 a.m

The New Paradigms and Vectors of the Energy Sector. How to Lead the Energy Revolution?

Moderator: Carlos Moro, Commercial Director, Vector Renewables
· Loreto Ordóñez, CEO, Engie España
· Rafael Mateo, CEO Energy , Acciona
· Rocío Sicre, Country Manager, EDPR España
· David Salvo, CEO, Power Electronics
· Jose Luis Fayos, CEO, Axial Structural Solutions
· Lluis Noguera, CEO, X-Elio
10:50 a.m. - 11:05 a.m.  Global Logistics, Before and After. How to face the new reality?
· Carlos Chova, Product Manager Industrial & Renewable Projects, Operinter
· Carlos Cambra, Pricing Manager, Operinter
11:05a.m – 11:45 a.m Coffee and Networking
11:45a.m – 12:35 p.m

Radiography of the Development of Photovoltaic Plants in Spain; Main Obstacles and Engines of Development.

Moderator: Karmelo López, Director Business Development, Circutor
· Jose Angel Perez, General Manager Spain, ABO Wind
· Jaime Rojas, Managing Director Spain, ARENA Green Power
· Javier Izcue, Director Spain, Italy & Portugal, Sungrow
· María José Muñiz, Commercial Director, Asturmadi Reneergy
12:35 p.m - 01:25 p.m

The role of Wind Energy in the reactivation of the economy of Spain

Moderator: Santiago Blanco, Vice-president and Regional Director, Southern Europe, MEA and Latin America, Energy Systems, DNV 
· Juan Jose Roldán, , Director of Renovables Spain, Engie
· Alberto Solís, Head Business Development, Elecnor
· David Ruyet, Managing Director, Energías del Plata
· Sergio Merelo, Power Service Line Director, Applus+
01:25 p.m – 02:10 p.m

Challenges in the Integration of Renewable Energies to the Electric Network, Access and Connection

Moderator: Miguel Martínez - General Manager – CERE
· Rosalía Rivas Saiz - Head of the Electricity System Reliability Department - Red Eléctrica España
· Manuel de Martín Mas, Responsable Regulación y Liquidaciones, Iberdrola Renovables
· Enrique Romero, Partner and Director of Operations, Solida Energías Renovables
02:00 p.m – 03:30 p.m
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03:30 p.m – 04:20 p.m Improvements taking part of photovoltaic power stations. New Technologies and Innovation in Development
Moderator: Raquel Igualá – Business Development Director - Energyear
· Vitor Rodriguez, Technical Director, Longi
· Karmelo López, Director  Business Development, Circutor
· Ricardo Escoto, Purchasing & Logistics Responsible. Diverxia Infrastructure
· Joaquina Bustamante, COO Europe & MEA, Green Fusion Solar
· Jesus Prado, Sr. Director Sales EMEA & LATAM, Nextracker
04:20 p.m – 05:00 p.m
Optimizing PV projects through tracker Technologies
· Hector Sanchez, VP Sales EMEA, Soltec
· Javier Perez, Managing Director AxialTracker, Axial Structural Solutions
· Álvaro Pérez-Fontán, Key Account Manager & Project Manager, STI Norland
05:00 p.m – 05:50 p.m
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Ecoppia logoslogen RGB
O&M in the Solar sector
Moderator: David Ruyet, Managing Director, Energías del Plata
· Oscar Aira, VP Sales, Ecoppia
· Mauricio López, Regional Manager Sales Iberia & Latam, Meteocontrol
· Manuel Sánchez-Mereciano, Commercial Manager PV, Ingeteam
· Elisa Manero, Photovoltaic Vice President, AEMER
05:50 p.m – 06:30 p.m
The Opportunity for the residential and industrial sector to source from renewable energy
Moderator: Lucía Dólera,Project Director, APPA Renovables
· Manuel De Castro, General Manager, Opengy
· Pedro Wiesmann, Senior Sales Manager Europe, Solis Inverter
· Pere Soria, Business Development, Circutor
· Juan Carlos Villalonga, General Manager, Solar Energy Iberia
06:30 p.m – 08:00 p.m
Networking Cocktail. Hueneja Photovoltaic Complex, Presentation
 Sponsored By: DIVERXIA
Registration and Coffee
09:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m
Trends in Spain energy market
Moderator: Rocio Ortigüela, CEO, Entiba Energy
· Dana Albella, Business Development Director, Longi
· Iván Higueras, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Gransolar Group
· Leopoldo Lara, Head of Development Iberia, Repsol Renewables
· Enrique Plazas, Head of Development, Galp Energia
· Jose Donoso, Executive Director, UNEF
10:00a.m – 10:50 a.m
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Has financing of renewable projects changed? Bankability, Profitability and Risk Appetite

Moderator: Francisco Solchaga, Partner, Araoz & Rueda Abogados
· David Diaz, CFO, X-Elio
· Álvaro Payán, Managing Director, ATA Renewables
· María Serrano, Loan Officer, European Investment Bank
· Juan Carlos Badillo, Managing Partner, ATZ Advisors
10:50 a.m – 11:30 a.m
Coffee and Networking
11:30 a.m – 12:20 p.m

Valuation of auctions in Spain; Design, Criteria, Technological distinction.

Moderator: Vicente Jorro , Founding Partner, Agere energy & Infrastructure Partners
· Gregorio Mednik, Director  CEO's Office , Capital Energy
· Emilio Martínez, General Manager, BAS Corporation
· Juan Antonio Blanco, Head Of Business Development Spain, Falck Renewables
· Ignacio de Oñate, Managing Director Spain and Portugal, IB Vogt
12:20 p.m – 01:10 p.m
The PPA contract in the new normality
Moderator: Rafael Echegoyen, Director M&A and Legal Advice, Vector Renewables
· Blanca Losada, President, Fortia Energia
· Ignacio Soneira, General Manager Spain, Axpo
· Bruno Bernal, CEO, Grupo EOSOL
· Carmelo Scalone, Head Business Development, Falck Renewables
· Luis Villar, Head of Consultancy: Policy, Regulation & Strategy, Mercados Aries International
01:10 p.m – 02:00 p.m

Storage, a fundamental pillar to achieve sustainability goals and the challenge to implement the different technological options.

Moderator: Raquel Ferret, Business Development Manager, CIC EnergiGUNE
· Raúl Padierna, Director Comercia España, Power Electronics
· Yann Dumont, President, ASEALEN
· Felipe Hernández, Managing Director, FRV-X
· Pilar Riaño, Sourcing and Technology Director, POWERTIS
 02:00 p.m. - 03.15 p.m. Closing and End of the Event - Networking Cocktail
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